Payment Processing That

Gets You Your Money Today

Secure and streamlined features to keep your business humming

Through partnering with our premier NAB Processor, we accept all major card brands, debit cards, mobile wallets, and EMV cards. Easy-to-use and feature-packed to help you manage your business.

Email and Text to Pay Options

Get paid faster with email-to-pay and text-to-pay options directly integrated into the program.

Easy Signature Function

Offer easy-to-sign functionality on a customer-facing touchscreen.

No Internet, No Problem

Accept payments even with a weak or limited internet connection.

Real-time Reporting

Get real-time insights into your business with reporting and analytics tools.

Multiple Receipt Options

Email, text, or print receipts.

Virtual Terminal Processing

Also have the ability to accept payments over the phone or online with free access to a virtual terminal.

Our industry-leading platform features also includes:

Medical Records

Completely customizable and flexible electronic health records

Data Analytics

 Advanced chart reporting and production analysis capabilities

Cubex Inventory Management

Increase your inventory management and control by utilizing the two-way integration with Cubex Cabinets


Treatment Whiteboard

Manage treatment orders and track upcoming treatments from the flow sheet while seamlessly invoicing any charges



Automatically import labs from your in-house or online reference lab system to the patient’s record 

Refill Medication Tracking

Easily track current medications for patients and automatically charge to the invoice when a medication is refilled