Improve Client Communications with AIGenesis™

Streamline Communication in your practice

Increase communication between you and your staff with an instant messaging system for sending individual or group messages. Improve client communications by sending clients a text or picture message, email, fax, or postcards offered directly through the program.

Text and Picture Messaging

Keep clients up-to-date on patient care with the ability to send both text and picture messages to them.

Reduce “No call, No show” Appointments

Increase overall efficiency of your team by automating message reminders for appointments and receive confirmations for appointments.

Postcard Communications

Strengthen your relationship with your clients and patients by sending them postcard reminders for upcoming appointments, birthdays, and more.

Feature Pack Solution

Our industry-leading software offers you all the features you need to spend less time and money managing your business. Our software includes many unique features, including:

Secure Credit Card Process

Secure and affordable credit card processing from our preferred payments partner, North American Bancard. Bonus: Funds are deposited into your account next day.

Internal Communication

Increase staff productivity by utilizing the built-in messaging system for keeping everyone up-to-date in the hospital.


Telehealth/Telemedicine helps your doctors to provide real-time patient care when in-person visits are not possible.

Electronic Treatment Whiteboard

Integrate a digital treatment whiteboard to help reduce staff time and missed charges by seamless record and invoice orders for completed treatments.


Automatically transfer lab results from your in-house lab equipment and online reference labs to a patient’s medical record. Integrations with all major lab providers including Antech, Heska, IDEXX, and Zoetis.

Business Solutions

Standard and Advanced Reporting capabilities for creating all different types of reports and charts to measure clinic production analysis, individual doctor production, and more.